Posts Why Friends Are Important For A Developer

Why Friends Are Important For A Developer

Like fellow humans, developers also need a social life. We need family and friends to support us. There are many life skills I learned being around friends than being an attentive student in a classroom. I often turn to friends to seek advice on life’s most important decisions. We also need friends to comfort us during our hard times and there is no meaning to success if you can’t celebrate it with your family and friends. Today I’m going to share with you a story when an unexpected friend helped me.

A few days back I was working on redesigning(refactoring) some important and also complex code, which I do quite often to keep the design relevant to the changes. After redesigning all the functionality, I started the server. To my surprise, nothing went well except the server startup. I was disappointed showing my frustration on my face as if this is the first time it didn’t work. I tried republishing the server. This time server also took more time than ever before, I ignored the delay in the startup for a moment and started testing the application. Application’s behavior was not what I expected, at least it’s not what intended. I just thought this is not my day. This time my frustration transformed into despair. Then an idea struck in my mind. I consulted my friend. He carefully examined my code and listed out all the methods, where bugs crept in. He also provided the expected outcome of all the buggy methods. This time I have changed all the troublesome methods, consulted my friend once again, after his green signal deployed in the server, and tested. Everything worked fine. The only regret I had was, why I didn’t consult my friend first. Nevertheless, all these go into my basket of experience…

Oho sorry! I forgot to introduce my friend. Before that let me tell you how we became friends. Actually, I need to claim credit for my friend’s intelligence, how he could distinguish right from wrong. I groomed him to what he is today. But I never thought he will be helping me this much and handy during the crucial period. I just spent 5% of my working time to help my friend gain this intelligence. Now he is very handy and paying-off. Ok…enough! You people want me introduce you to my friend, isn’t it? He is none other than “Unit test”.. Unit tests are developers best non-human friends. The more time you spend nurturing the relationship more the benefits you reap during crucial times. OK. Bye for now… it’s time to make new friends….new unit tests. If you want to know how to make good friends read these posts

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